Lap Band Mexico

lap band

Our certfied surgeon was trained in Europe by the creators of the Stomach Band Surgery or Lap Band System, we count with qualified staff and first class facilities to treat your obesity, make the change you and your health need.

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Gastric Plication

gastric plication

Is the latest technology on weight loss surgery performed at our Weight Loss Center by the first certified Gastric Plication surgeon in Mexico. This procedure is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance as a primary procedure.

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Gastric Sleeve Mexico

gastric sleeve

Gastric Sleeve is considered the gold standard in bariatric surgery, because the patient remains free of long-term overweight as well as associated diseases, such as: diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc.

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Weight loss surgeries are the only real solution to obesity because guarantees maintaining weight loss without obesity.

Our bariatric surgeon has vast experience gained through years of practice. Becoming one of the pioneers of bariatric surgery Mexico, being the first surgeon who performed the laparoscopic duodenal switch and gastric sleeve in mexico, who was trained in europe and performs these procedures since 2005, which guarantees to have covered every learning process of all the procedures that he has performed throughout the years satisfying results on patients. If you are dealing with overweight, it is time that you contact with us and we will evaluate your case.

Obesity is a degenerative chronic disease that affects all fields on the patient, psychologically, socially, professionally and more importantly, health-wise, being surgery the only cure. obesity surgery has proven to control and eliminate type 2 diabetes, as long as the patient has less than 5 years before being diagnosed as diabetic, before presenting irreversible injuries to white organs such as kidney and eyes, reason why is considered metabolic surgery.

Obesity is a disease that has increased it’s impact to be considered a global epidemic.

Which only has an adequate control with weight loss surgery, including several surgical procedures so restrictive as the lap band, gastric plication, gastric sleeve and mixed, including the gastric bypass surgery and duodenal switch, where the patient has small portions of food and not absorb some nutrients with supplies the weight loss.

Weight loss surgery controls obesity amending the anatomy of the patient and provides the option to have small food portions without the presenting normal hunge, having a total control of the volume and quality of food and early saciety instead.

Obesity surgery like Gastric Bypass in Mexico is a great tool to lose overweight

and keeping it off for a long term, with the minimum effortfrom the patient, achieving losing the excess weight that has always been trying to keep off but now it is easily accomplished. Something very important is that there is no dumping and without intoxicating your body with drugs. Is important to note that before a patient undergoes surgery for weight loss, he/she should be evaluated by a bariatric surgeon. Who has to evaluate individually to determine the most suitable procedure, this is based on the health status and degree of the obesity patient.

A weight loss procedure is indicated in patients with a bmi of 35 with no associated disease and in patients who are entering the bmi of 30 that are diabetic or hypertensive. With obesity surgery the patient controls conditiones diseases by improving the quality of life and prevents serious health problems as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, cholesterol, and that is proven that only weight loss surgery improves diseases associated by obesity. obesity surgery is a considered major surgery performed in all cases by laparoscopy using the best available technology, to make small incisions through the abdomen on which it is introduced a high resolution camera that allows the bariatric surgeon to make the surgical approach and well as reduces the risk of post-operatory hernia and pain.

Weight loss surgery is the best decision that the patient can take after trying conventional methods after being proven that one of 20 patients who have tried successful diet and exercise in losing weight and being obesity-free in long term. The rest of them fail and re-gainthe weight loss and even double it. Weight loss surgery is safe because it has been monitored in long-term tests and has been shown that the obese patient has higher risk for being obesethat for having obesity surgery.