7 Reasons why you need to have a Certified Surgeon Perform your Bariatric Surgery

Sep 24, 2017 — by Daniel Huacuz, MD

There is a lot of hard work and research that goes into preparing for a bariatric surgery. These procedures are intensive and are classified as major operations. You have to find sufficient funding, start making necessary lifestyle changes and most important figure out who you want to perform your surgery.

The surgeon you choose may be the most important factor lying between the success and failure of your weight loss. With so many options out there both locally and internationally, it’s tough to sort through all the advertising and testimonials to find a surgeon that will provide the commitment and care that you really need. But one thing you should ensure is that your surgeon is board certified.

Relatively New

Weight loss surgeries have only been a reality in the medical field for the last 50 years or so. In that time many different techniques have been developed, with the latest procedures only becoming popular in the last decade or so. You want to ensure that your surgeon is equipped with the latest knowledge, equipment and expertise to perform your specific type of surgery. A board certification provides a guarantee of your surgeon’s up-to-date education.


Just because your surgeon has knowledge of a surgery, doesn’t mean that they are capable of performing it well. Generally a surgeon needs to be performing a surgical technique with some regularity to ensure they can deal with any specific complications that arise during your procedure. The standards that board certification apply to any member will ensure that your surgeon has sufficient experience with your surgery.

The Best Recommendation

Bariatric surgeries are not one-size fits all. Every surgery has its own accompanying risks and benefits, and provides better results depending on the patient. For example invasive procedures such as gastric bypass and duodenal switch will generally be recommended to severely obese patients suffering from medical conditions. While patients who are less obese may find better results from a sleeve gastrectomy procedure, younger patients may be able to achieve their weight targets with just a LAP band.

A certified surgeon will have a good working knowledge of a wide range of options, and will be able to provide the best advice on which technique will best fit your needs.

Surgical Risk

While bariatric surgeries are generally considered safe they are still major operations. Wound infection, staple line leaks, persistent acid reflux, gallstones and blood clots are just some of the possible complications that might arise from an improperly administered surgery. While the incidence of mortality is low at only 1%, it’s still a worry.

A certified surgeon gives you the safety and security of tested and approved technical skill and advanced knowledge. That will greatly reduce your chances of suffering any adverse effects from your surgery.


While a certified surgeon may cost more initially due to the guarantee of professionalism and experience they provide, they can save you money in the long-run. A certified surgeon will provide a better recommendation for a more effective surgery, which may well be cheaper than the technique a non-certified surgeon sells you on. In addition an improperly administered surgery may result in the need for a costly revision, which you can avoid by choosing a certified surgeon.


Bariatric surgery is not just an operation, it is a lifestyle choice. You are committing to a radical change in your eating and living habits, alongside an invasive procedure. A certified surgeon will provide not only the technical skill you need at the time of surgery, but also with a focused nutritional plan and exercise regime to follow. You can expect regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon in person and over the telephone to track your progress, and keep you on course to achieve maximum weight loss results.

Patient History

A certified surgeon will be able to provide a long history of patient records, and testimonials that act as a secondary guarantee of his skill level and expertise. Often times it is this experience and success that has qualified your surgeon for membership and certification in the first place.

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