Why Bariatric Surgery in Mexico with Dr. Huacauz is the Best Option for You

Sep 15, 2017 — by Daniel Huacuz, MD

Taking the decision to undergo bariatric surgery is often just the first step in a long process before actually having the surgery. There are many considerations to be taken into account such as, how you’ll fund the surgery, where you will have the surgery done, which surgeon you’ll choose to perform the surgery, and which specific procedure you’ll opt for.

Surgeries are invasive and often expensive, complications and revisions aren’t something most people can afford easily physically or financially. So getting it right the first time can mean everything to a prospective patient. This is why we recommend having your bariatric surgery performed in Mexico with Dr. Huacuz.

The Cost

The first and most important thing you’ll notice is the massive difference in price between having your surgery done in Mexico versus most other countries.

In the United States, bariatric surgery will cost you anywhere from $13,000 for the minimally invasive LAP Band procedure, to almost $30,000 for a duodenal switch. These costs may be offset if you qualify for insurance, but even so your premiums and out of pocket expenses will add up to a healthy sum. Canada and Australia don’t fare much better with prices ranging in excess of $10,000 for most procedures in either country. Even in countries which you’d expect to offer cheaper medical care such as Costa Rica, the cheapest surgical options normally hover around $9000.

By comparison you can usually have your Bariatric surgery administered in Mexico for under $10,000 no matter which technique you opt for. These prices are usually folded into a package that includes accommodation and top quality aftercare.

Experience and High Standards

If you’re expecting any gap in the quality of care, or technical knowledge between Mexican and Western surgeons prepare to be surprised. If you choose to have your surgery performed by Dr. Huacuz he offers a wealth of experience and accomplishments that are almost unmatched in Mexico or anywhere else.

After receiving his medical degree in 1994, the doctor has spent the following two decades pursuing ever greater proficiency and specialization in various weight loss procedures. He has obtained several degrees and rare certifications in Laparoscopic Surgery techniques. Studied the duodenal switch method under its inventor in Brazil and has become a leading expert in the popular new gastric sleeve procedure which he performs on average about 6 times a week.

In addition the doctor has professional memberships to 7 national and international surgical and weight loss related bodies including:

The Association of General Surgeons of Tijuana Baja California Mexico (CCGT), The Medical Association of Endoscopic Surgeons. (AMCE) and The Medical Association of Baja California. International bodies such as the International Federation of Obesity Surgery (IFSO) and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery are proud to call him a member as well.

The Final Verdict

Whether you’re looking for cost, convenience or a high standard of care, having your bariatric surgery in Mexico with Dr. Huacuz is the best option. So get a free non-committal consultation any time you want, and start your journey to rapid weight loss today.

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