3 Reasons Why Mexico is becoming the Prime Destination for Weight Loss Surgery

Aug 10, 2017 — by Daniel Huacuz, MD

From Sharon Osborne to Al Roker, every day magazines and television shows are dedicated to celebrities who took the plunge and had weight loss surgery. Often the effects are staggering with hundreds of pounds lost, in what seems to be no time at all.

For those of us in the same boat, without the ability to drop massive sums on costly procedures, we seem to be stuck in a world of extreme diets and incremental gains through exercise. However, there is an alternative just South of the Border that’s becoming the best kept weight loss secret in the world.

Medical tourists from Canada, the UK, and America come in droves every year to Mexico, for their weight loss procedures. These are carried out at a fraction of the cost, under the guidance of great surgeons at tailored hospitals and medical centers. Here’s a quick look at how Mexico has become an international hotspot for weight loss surgery.

A Cheaper Option

For many of us, the main concern holding us back from investing in our health is the cost. In the US, bariatric surgery can run the average patient close to $25,000 in medical fees. While in the UK or Canada, choosing the public healthcare option puts you on the waiting list, sometimes for up to several years.

The average costs associated with the most popular weight loss surgery procedures in Mexico are as follows:

  • Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding - $3000 to $6500
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy - $4000 To $9000
  • Roux-En-Y - $6500 To $11000

While you may need to factor in the costs of travel and accommodation, many of the other fees associated with medical care including pre and post op testing, further adjustments and check-ups are often included in surgery packages offered by many of Mexico’s leading treatment centers.

For those of you who don’t have the necessary funding available, many surgeons will provide attractive financing packages that will allow you to cover surgery costs in multiple payments.


While many of you may have visions of a dingy third world hospital with inadequate supplied, nothing is farther from the reality. The JCI is a medical accreditation agency that visits and rates medical facilities against 300 data standards, and according to their recommendations Mexican healthcare actually ranks above American healthcare in many metrics.

Additionally, many hospitals in Mexico operate in partnership with medical organizations in the United States, with many Mexican surgeons actually training in the United States before returning to their home country. Doing your research will provide you with an extensive list of hospitals in Mexico that fulfill all your safety requirements.

Accessibility And Popularity

Because of Mexico’s proximity to North America, and its acknowledged reputation as a weight loss surgery destination, there’s an ease of accessibility and credibility that is rare with other nations.

You can easily scope out potential surgery locations in person before making the ultimate decision, and have your own physician back home coordinate with your surgery center to come up with the best plan of action for your requirements.

At the same time, many of the more sought after Mexican hospitals will have many Western patients, with numerous testimonials and blogs available allowing you to do your due diligence for security of mind.

The Choice You Make

Remember that undergoing any surgery is a rigorous undertaking; in any circumstance you will be dedicating a big chunk of your funds and time in recovery and travel to this cause. So we can only stress that you spend as much time as you can preparing and researching your choice, trust your intuition and talk to as many people as possible. Securing your health is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make.

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