Gastric Bypass vs. Gastric Sleeve: Which Surgery is Better?

Oct 31, 2016 — by Daniel Huacuz, MD
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Before and after bariatric surgeryMany people from Southern California have traveled south of the border to Tijuana in order to undergo safe and affordable bariatric surgery. These advanced weight loss procedures help people who are obese or morbidly obese lose weight and lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

There are two surgeries that tend to be most popular among patients and surgeons alike: gastric bypass surgery (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) and gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy). Let's take a moment to compare these surgeries below.

About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is a type of weight loss procedure that divides the stomach into two separate chambers and reroutes the small intestine to connect to both. It is the most common and well-known bariatric surgery procedure in the United States, accounting for 80% of all weight loss surgeries.

Thanks to this revision of the stomach and small intestine, a gastric bypass helps patients lose weight through reducing the amount of calories consumed in a single sitting (restrictive weight loss) and reducing the amount of calories that are absorbed into the body (malabsorptive weight loss).

The Pros and Cons of Gastric Bypass Surgery

The primary advantage of gastric bypass surgery is that it quite effective at promoting weight loss because it is a combined restrictive and malabsorptive approach to bariatric surgery. Since it is so common, surgeons are quite experienced in performing the procedure.

In terms of disadvantages, there is more revision of the digestive tract during a gastric bypass surgery. This means that there is an increased risk of some complications occurring given the added complexity of the procedure.

About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A gastric sleeve surgery is a type of weight loss surgery that involves the surgical reduction of a stomach's size. There is no other revision of the digestive tract save for the stomach itself.

By reducing the size of the stomach, gastric sleeve surgery helps promote weight loss by reducing a patient's hunger and the amount of calories that can be consumed in a single sitting (restrictive weight loss).

The Pros and Cons of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The primary advantage of gastric sleeve surgery is its simplicity. Only the stomach is operated on, which means that there are fewer potential complications that can occur after surgery.

The primary disadvantage of gastric sleeve surgery is that it may not yield as much weight loss as combined restrictive and malabsorptive procedures such as a gastric bypass. It's possible for patients to plateau in terms of weight loss, even with proper diet and exercise.

Tailoring Weight Loss Operations to Your Needs

Both gastric bypass surgery and the gastric sleeve have helped people lose weight and lead healthier lives. In terms of which may be more ideal for you, it's important to consider your weight loss needs and expectations. We can work closely with you to tailor your bariatric treatment to your situation, answers all of your questions and concerns about the various procedures available.

Learn More About Weight Loss Surgery

For more information about your weight loss options and which may be most ideal for you and your needs, be sure to contact our team of weight loss surgery specialists today. We look forward to your visit and helping you look your very best.

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