Five Benefits of LAP-BAND® System Surgery

Sep 1, 2016 — by Daniel Huacuz, MD
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A LAP-BAND® System patient weighing in at a follow-up appointmentAt Certified Bariatric Surgeons, Dr. Daniel Huacuz and his surgical team offer a comprehensive range of bariatric surgery options for patients who are struggling with obesity. Among the most advanced and effective of these options is the extraordinary LAP-BAND® System, a minimally invasive gastric banding procedure that, unlike most other types of bariatric surgery, is completely reversible. While the LAP-BAND® System may not be the ideal solution for all patients seeking to achieve massive weight loss, it offers many unique benefits to qualified candidates.

Dr. Huacuz would be happy to determine whether you are a suitable candidate to enjoy the many exceptional LAP-BAND® System benefits during a private consultation at his Tijuana, BC bariatric surgery clinic. If you are clinically obese and have struggled to lose weight through traditional diet and exercise, then we urge you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Huacuz at Certified Bariatric Surgeons today.

Five LAP-BAND® System Surgery Benefits

The LAP-BAND® System offers many advantages that distinguish it not only from other forms of bariatric surgery, but also from competing gastric banding options on the market today. It is considered the premier gastric banding solution in the world for a reason. Among its many unique benefits, the LAP-BAND® System:

  • Can be placed laparoscopically: Dr. Huacuz is able to place the hollow, inflatable band around the stomach through tiny incisions made in the abdomen using special surgical instruments and a laparoscope. The laparoscope transmits real-time images of the surgical area so that Dr. Huacuz can monitor his work from a video monitor rather than having to perform traditional “open” surgery. As a result, LAP-BAND® System surgery is one of the least invasive forms of bariatric surgery available.
  • Requires very little recovery time: Because LAP-BAND® System surgery is minimally invasive, recovery from surgery requires only about a week, which is significantly shorter than recovery after open surgery. The recovery period is usually much more comfortable, too.
  • Can be modified: Unlike any other form of bariatric surgery, the stomach band that is placed around the stomach during LAP-BAND® System surgery can be adjusted to allow the stomach to accommodate more food if nutritional needs change at a certain point. It can also be tightened to shrink the stomach if the patient wishes.
  • Can be reversed: Although patients should not think of LAP-BAND® System surgery as a short-term or reversible solution, it does not require any physical alterations of the stomach or intestines. Therefore, unlike other bariatric surgery procedures, LAP-BAND® System surgery can be reversed at any time if the patient wishes. Of course, the success of the procedure depends on the patient making a long-term commitment to using the LAP-BAND® System, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly.
  • Is FDA approved: The LAP-BAND® System is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of morbid obesity.

Learn More about LAP-BAND® System Benefits

To learn more about the many benefits of the LAP-BAND® System, please contact Certified Bariatric Surgeons today.

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