LAP-BAND® Surgery Benefits

Advantages of Gastric Band Surgery

  • Less mortality risk
  • Procedure with minimal invasion
  • Cutting or stapling not required on the stomach nor the intestines
  • It is adjustable
  • Allows an individualized restriction to accomplish a durable weight loss
  • Allows to be adjusted without any addition surgery
  • No risk for malnutrition
  • Weight loss accomplished with more than 120,000 lap-band systems placed around the World
  • Complications fewer and less severe
  • Avoids unhealthy muscle wasting from protein deficiency
  • Average OR time of 45 minutes
  • Vitamin needs are simple and vitamin deficiencies are rare

Disadvantages of Lap Band Procedure

  • Initial weight loss slower because it is a mixed procedure
  • It requires a prosthetic placement
  • The port could be damaged due to leaks or it may require replacement
  • Slippage

The Gastric band is not magic. It is an excellent option when diet and exercise are not enough and obesity and it´s complications are attacking your health and quality of life.

The Lap Band  is a great option for persons with a high risk of surgery and controlling the obesity and losing the overweight, the diseases related will improve.

Not all overweight patients are candidates for the gastric band and can be contra-indicated if they had Crohn´s disease or a heart stroke recently.
A great advantage of Stomach Band Surgery is that female patients could end up being pregnant after surgery, without any nutritional nor growth deficiencies to the baby, so, the surgery is recommended to young women who plan being pregnant in the near future, on the contrary than the other Gastric procedures, such as the Gastric Bypass Surgery which could cause malabsorptive problems due that the nutrients could condition the umbilical cord.

Since the moment you decide to have surgery you will have to be willing to be ready to improve your quality of life in a definitive way, on which you need to change your old habits, such as exercise and to lose some extra pounds prior to surgery to reduce the size of the inner organs (liver) and initiate a better physical condition. Making small walks will help the patient for post-op recovery and post op complications (thrombosis and pulmonary thromboembolism) will be diminished in rare case presented that could be fatal. You also need to quit smoking at least 1 month before surgery as well as drinking.

It is from vital importance to provide all your medical information when requested for medication currently taken that have to be stopped before the procedure due that certain medication could condition bleeding or anti-clotting, such as aspirin, which needs to be stop taking at least 7 days before. It is important that you continue taking all your daily prescribed medications unless told by surgeon otherwise.

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