What to Expect After Duodenal Switch Surgery

The patient starts to lose weight and drops sizes due to the restriction and food malabsorption but at the same time it can lead to bad nutrition. This is why it is crucial to visit your physician monthly for the first six months, to monitor weight-loss and hemoglobin levels, which improves with the administration of iron via IV.

The Duodenal Switch crossing has an approximate time performance of 4 to 5 hours of surgical time depending of the degree of obesity of the weight loss patient and of the distribution of the posterior fat, reason why the patient is submitted to a special post-op diet for until home, where the patient continues the learning process that takes some weeks to increase the consistency of food until it is normal or solid.

Some patients in this process have longer evolution but is crucial to maintain well-hydrated and if necessary to do it orally.

Something that we are all afraid of is surgery pain but when a surgery is performed via laparoscopically and when incisions are really small (5 mm), pain is minimum what it favors the easy mobilization of the patient immediately after surgery.

As the Duodenal Switch (DS-BPD), weight-loss presents in a spectacular form. Patients lose up to 80% of overweight in the first year and the remaining within the next 6 months and afterwards keeping steady without obesity.

Because the Duodenal Switch is majorly malabsorbative, lipo-soluble vitamins (A,D,E & K) and calcium on food are not properly absorbed, supplements need to be taken.

It is important to have a proper control to avoid malnutrition.

Risks and complications may appear on all surgeries in short or long term and Duodenal switch is no exception. There are risks of bleeding, blood clotting, venous or pulmonary thrombosis during surgery. Leaks on the anastomoses have to be checked during and after the procedure to prevent them to the maximum.

The Duodenal Switch is the weight-loss surgery with the best results on a short & long term due to that it is a mixed restrictive procedure, malabsorbative and metabolic, it is the only surgery that can guarantee diabetes and hypertension control.

It is convenient that you are fully conscious when you decide for this procedure that will require a longer hospital staying and special care along with longer recovery for the complete scarring of the anastomosis to guarantee a safe trip back home.

It is imperative that you contact us to provide you with full detail of the special post-op instructions to follow and the exact time of staying.

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