Bariatric Surgery: Lose Weight and Improve Overall Health

Excess weight can impact your quality of life, but exercise and diet cannot always help. Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, can be life-changing but the cost of treatment in the U.S. is often prohibitive. Dr. Daniel Huacuz of Certified Bariatric Surgeons offers several types of bariatric surgery at their Tijuana, Mexico, practice. These procedures offer an affordable option to help patients achieve dramatic and long-lasting weight loss. 

Gastric Bypass Surgery

During gastric bypass surgery, your doctor will use a laparoscope to create a small pouch in your stomach. This pouch will be able to hold about an ounce of food. Then your surgeon will attach part of your small intestine to the reduced stomach pouch, enabling food to bypass a portion of your digestive system. The procedure will greatly reduce the amount that you can eat at one sitting, as well as reduce the number of calories your body can absorb.Before and after gastric bypass surgery diagram

Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini gastric bypass surgery will produce similar results to a traditional bypass procedure. In fact, many patients enjoy more dramatic weight loss after this procedure. Instead of making a pouch, Dr. Huacuz will create a narrow tube, which he will attach directly to your small intestines. Mini bypass involves less re-routing of your digestive tract. However, it also carries a higher risk for chronic acid reflux.Before and after mini gastric bypass surgery diagram

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a non-reversible procedure during which your doctor will actually remove a portion of your stomach. This will leave a small “sleeve,” which will connect your esophagus to your small intestine. Gastric sleeve surgery is becoming a very popular option, thanks to its dramatic results and low complication rates. It also has lower risks for nutritional deficiencies and dumping syndrome after treatment.Before and after gastric sleeve surgery diagram

LAP-BAND® System

By placing a small band around a portion of your stomach, Dr. Huacuz can reduce the capacity of your stomach and the amount of food that you can comfortably eat. Your doctor will use a tiny surgical camera, or laparoscope, to perform this reversible procedure. If you need to improve your results in the future, your doctor can also tighten the band by injecting it with a saline solution. In this way, he can provide personalized results.Before and after diagram of the LAP-BAND System

Duodenal Switch Procedure

During the duodenal switch procedure, Dr. Huacuz will remove a part of your stomach. He will not alter the valve that releases food or the first part of your small intestine (duodenum). Your surgeon will then attach the duodenum to the last part of your intestine. In this way, food will skip much your digestive system so that your body cannot absorb as many calories.

SADI procedure

The Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure is a relatively simple surgical procedure to perform; it involves removing 85% of the stomach by creating a sleeve gastrectomy. By reducing the stomach’s curvature by 85% the patient will automatically feel better fed, even in small portions of food. This is a restrictive surgery and malabsorptive surgery to help improve the patient’s life. It is a restrictive surgery as the stomachs curvature is restricted and a malabsorptive surgery due to the fact that it reduces the amount nutrients that the body absorbs. This combination has been given the name of SADI procedure and has revolutionized the medical industry. Diagram of the SADI procedure

Revision Bariatric Surgery

If you have not achieved the desired results from a past bariatric procedure or experienced complications, our experienced doctor can perform a revision surgery. Your surgeon may choose to convert the LAP-BAND® System to gastric sleeve, gastric sleeve to gastric bypass, or gastric bypass to duodenal switch. All revision procedures will take place in the hospital with a two-night stay to ensure your complete safety.

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Certified Bariatric Surgeons provides safe and customized treatment at affordable prices. Our experienced doctor have all the tools you need to make lasting weight loss within reach. Contact us today to set up a consultation and learn more. 

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