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Certified Bariatric Surgeons patients have been known to lose up to 50 pounds or more in six months, but weight loss results may vary depending on the individual. No GUARANTEE is provided or implied.

The photographs on Certified Bariatric Surgeons testimonials are actual patients who have completed a surgery with Certified Bariatric Surgeons. Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the Certified Bariatric Surgeons post-surgery diet. The weight loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual. This highly depends on the adherence to the nutritional plan as well exercise instructions from Certified Bariatric Surgeons, among a multitude of other factors.

(*) Individual results may vary

Highly Recommended by Patients

(*) Individual results may vary

Dr. Huacuz was very attentive and I felt very comfortable ... I highly recommend them.

Armando Jimenez

(*) Individual results may vary

Veronica Cásares

(*) Individual results may vary

Veronica Ramirez

(*) Individual results may vary

Neftalí Olvera

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Alma Zepeda

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Edward Cummings

(*) Individual results may vary

Recently, about 2 weeks ago I was snowboarding the in the mountains in a very isolated and beautiful place and by myself . The snow was great and very deep.

As I was snowboarding I did not see this hole that was created ( by volcanic steam ) and fell into it. My snowboard bridged across the top of this hole and I was hanging there upside down for about 30 minutes. The hole was about 8 feet deep. I tried calling for help, no luck as I knew I was in a isolated place on the mountain. I also tried my cell phone and again no luck, no cell service and I started to panic and was in fear for my life as no one could possibly find me in such a remote location . Somehow I was able to reach my snowboard bindings and eventually got my feet out but I almost broke my leg in doing so.

Eventually I climbed out of this hole which was about 8 feet deep. If it were not for the surgery, I would not have had the strength and improved flexibility to reach my bindings as I hung upside down. Secondly, If I was 50 pounds heavier, there is even a good chance that hole would of collapsed on me and I would of died of suffocation or exposure.

Fortunately neither of those things happened and I am so very thankful. I want to express my gratitude to both you and Dr. Huacuz. I included the pictures of the hole I fell into and a recent picture of me .... Minus 50 pounds

"All my experiences with Dr. Huacuz have been positive and life changing"

(*) Individual results may vary

I had my Gastric Sleeve surgery done by Dr. Huacuz on January 2013. Since then until today I have lost 110 lbs. I recommend Dr. Huacuz to anyone interested in weight loss surgery. All my experiences with Dr. Huacuz have been positive and life changing. I am forever grateful for the excellent service and post operative care I have received from Dr. Huacuz and the patient assistant. I highly recommend you choose Dr. Huacuz as your bariatric surgeon. I have much respect for his as a talented surgeon and as a wonderful caring man.


"I just want to say thank u thank u so much for giving me a second chance at living"

(*) Individual results may vary

2012 and 2013 were years of hospital stays it had became my home away from home the weight had taken over my life in Nov 2012 I was told by a heart Dr. that he'd give me two years and I'd be dead the weight would kill me the following year a close friend of mine called me on my birthday and told me she was going to pay for my surgery to find a Dr.. here is the thing NO DR. WOULD DO IT INSURANCE HAD DEEMED IT MEDICALLY UNNECESSARY I was all of 600 lbs.  587lbs to be exact and a Dr. told me 15 times we had appealed the insurance decision had been denied. My friend went through Dr. Huacuz and had success from the very first time I spoke to Rosie I fell in love with her this is just the beginning of my journey but I believe Dr. Huacuz saved my life. I just want to say thank u thank u so much for giving me a second chance at living u and my friend saved my life u give me what I always wanted to be able to live!!!

Yasmen M.

"Dr. Huacuz was not only an excellent doctor but a genuine, funny and kind individual."

(*) Individual results may vary

Dr. Huacuz and his team are consummate professionals and I feel fortunate to have found him to perform my lap band surgery in September 2008. I liked Dr. Huacuz immediately. He appeared to be warm and caring as well as professional and knowledgeable. I also felt he was very approachable and easy to talk to. Unlike American doctors, he did not intimidate or talk down to me. He went above and beyond, and was not only an excellent doctor but a genuine, funny and kind individual. The staff was excellent- the nurses were very attentive and the administrative staff was welcoming. In the weeks and months leading up to my procedure, Rocio was consistently available and eager to answer questions via email. I had reservations about traveling to Mexico, but upon my arrival I was warmly greeted and put at ease. I was self-pay through a financing company, and the administration made the transaction seamless. The hospital was clean, quiet and located less than 10 minutes from the border. I loved the around the-clock medical care during my stay- someone was always available or checking on me. He and his staff were extremely supportive both before and after the surgery. I couldn’t have asked for more. He was very thorough and honest in discussing both the risks and benefits of the surgery as well as what was expected on the part of the patient. I felt he had a great partnership. I would give him a superior rating. I was extremely pleased with every aspect of my care. Dr. Huacuz has wonderful bedside manner, and really cares about his patients. He wants that is in their best interest and will do anything he can to help them achieve their goal. Once I returned home, the staff checked back with me frequently on my progress. Less than a year after my surgery, I am down from 236 pounds to 165 and still losing. Having the lap band procedure with Dr. Huacuz was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Victoria W.

"Thank you so much Dr. Huacuz and staff! You have forever changed my life!!!"

(*) Individual results may vary

I am always asked, “would you do it again" and I always answer, "Yes I would". I have been waiting to have weight loss surgery after many years of researching the different ones out there, and attending many seminars. I think it is a very personal choice but here is what leads me to my decision. I did like the idea of bypass because it has a proven success rate but I did not like the idea of never being able to eat certain foods again due to dumping syndrome. I watched a video on the sleeve and on bypass to see how each worked and was immediately drawn to the sleeve. I liked the idea of restriction as my biggest problem is overeating. The sleeve would also allow me to have a bite of my kid’s b-day cake, without having to worry about over eating it or dumping syndrome. The ghrelin (Ghrelin is a 28 amino acid hunger-stimulating peptide and hormone) that I perceive to be the biggest enemy in my obesity struggle. That's what sold me. I knew the sleeve was the right choice for me. I found Dr Huacuz through some friends in the town I live, and all have huge SUCESS!!! I called and talked to patient liaison and was just awesome. I bet that I called anywhere from 1-4 times a day. They always had the answers for my questions. I was scheduled to have surgery on March 31, 2012, so my sister and I flew from Arkansas to San Diego Ca. where the driver was waiting for us. We then went to our 5 star Hotel and got checked in. The crew was so nice and very helpful. The next morning the patient assistant Liaison was waiting on us downstairs and we then went to the hospital. I was then put in a gown, and they started my IV and did my blood work and EKG. The hospital was spotless clean; I have never seen a hospital this clean here in the United States. I met Dr. Huacuz, and he then went over every little detail on what was going to take place. I was so scared but I knew it was going to be ok. Dr Huacuz put his hands on my cheeks and told me that his staff wasn't going to let anything happen to me and that everything is going to be fine. I then woke up in my room, was very nauseated and was given some pain medicine and Zofran. The pain wasn't bad at all, just a little sore. The experience was awesome. I have just recently been chatting with patient liaison, and she is just as awesome and friendly as the rest of staff that I have met with Dr. Huacuz. I weighed 309 and am 5'5". It has been 6 months now and I weigh 222, and I am happy with that. I eat very little and work my butt off at the gym 5 days a week. My goal is to be 160-165, or a size 9-12. I can wear an 18 now; I was wearing a 28-30. My overall experience was awesome; I highly recommend Dr Huacuz and his staff!!!! Thank you so much Dr. Huacuz and staff!!! You have forever changed my life!!!

Tina S.

"I did make a change in my life but it was so easy, without any extra effort."

(*) Individual results may vary

I slept all night, in the morning the doctor took me and two more patients to do the fluoroscopy. One patient was for a fill, so we had the opportunity to see how that’s being done.  We were free to go home, but we stayed one more night. I wanted to see Tijuana, went shopping with my husband, came back to my room at the Clinic, took a nap and went again for a walk and to the beautiful restaurant for dinner. I smelled the food while my husband was eating. All that in less than 24 hours from my surgery. Never thought it was possible. The clinic was very nice and clean. It felt like a hotel because you are able to go out for a walk and come back whenever you feel like it and all the time there is a nurse on duty and a doctor. Next morning after getting all the information, papers and medicine from the doctor, the driver gave us a ride back to San Diego. What an experience! We did get phone numbers, even cell number from the doctor, for any question we might have. My recovery was quick. I used pain medicine only for two days. I did have gases which is normal after surgery, but did not need to call doctor for any reason. I would get tired during the day after surgery. Short nap afternoon took care of that. I did my surgery on March 8th. Since then I lost 21 pounds. I do weigh myself every week and noticed that one week I will not lose any weight but next week about 5 pounds. But I do know that is normal and I just stick with my eating plan, which is easy to follow. I am not hungry or feel lack of energy. In contrary, I feel great. I am able to go up and down the stairs without pain in my legs for first time in 10 years. I did made a change in my life but it was so easy, without any extra effort. Everything came so normal, I just feel like a new person. I do walk in the morning and afternoon and that makes me very happy. I do realize that it is a process and it will take time but I do believe this time is going to be permanent.


"Dr. Huacuz is highly skilled, very caring, and I would recommend him to anyone considering WLS."

(*) Individual results may vary

When first heard of Dr. Huacuz on this website. I contacted several patients who had listed him as their surgeon. Everyone had wonderful things to say about him, his staff and his clinic. I contacted the office to get information about the surgery, the cost, the care, etc. Dr. Huacuz called me personally which really surprised me, as I had never had a US physician do that. We talked about specific things about the surgery and he answered all my questions, I choose to have the Gastric Sleeve. Once I decided to use him as my surgeon, I mainly spoke with Rosie. We spoke on the phone was well as email. The clinic is beautiful, modern and clean. The staff is friendly and attentive. I speak a little Spanish so I was anxious to practice my Spanish with the staff. They all speak very good English though. Dr. Huacuz has great bedside manner. I saw him at least once every day. Usually more than once, if he was not in the clinic, he was only a phone call away. He actually drove us himself to have our fluoroscopy. He gave us his cell phone number to call him if we had any questions or problems once we got home. I have emailed the office a couple of times since my surgery just to let them know how well I am doing, but I have not had any reply from them, but if I really wanted to get a hold from them, I could call Dr. Huacuz is highly skilled, very caring, and I would recommend him to anyone considering WLS. In fact, I plan to go back to him for my tummy tuck once I lose all my weight.


"I am great. There is less of me all the time. This is so exciting……"

(*) Individual results may vary

Hello, I am great. There is less of me all the time. This is so exciting…… Woo Hoo I do want to take this time to thank all of the office staff, Dr. Huacuz and Laurie for their excellent care and support. Thanks so much from my family and me. My husband was very nervous until he got the call after my surgery. He was so amazed I was feeling so well. This sure made him more relaxed since I went to Mexico by myself. I never had any pain what so ever. I believe this is due to the wonderful care I got from Dr. Huacuz and his staff. I had lab band surgery from Dr. Huacuz April 18th 2009 as of today I have lost 32 lbs Next Saturday will be 8 weeks since I have my lap band surgery. I have not had a fill since my first one which Dr. Huacuz gave me. I am still losing weight but as soon as I start eating larger amounts and stop losing I will get another fill. I can eat lots of different foods but meat and bread are not working well for me right now although hot dogs are great!! I will keep you updated on my progress. If anyone is reading this and thinking about having lap band, don’t wait ……. Dr. Huacuz and his staff will take wonderful care of you. I would be willing to answer any questions you might have from a patient of Dr. Huacuz.

Sandy T.

"I have recommended him to many of my friends"

(*) Individual results may vary

From the moment I was picked up at the airport for my surgery to now, I have always felt that I have always felt that I was in great hands. My surgery and stay were more than I could have imagined. The care by Dr. Huacuz, Norma, and the nurses were superb. The hospital is beautiful and very comfortable. My friend Susan was very well taken care of while she was with me and even had her own room! Since my surgery in October I have always been able to call Dr. Huacuz or Norma with any questions that I had. And I’ve had a lot  I have had 3 fills and have been treated with expert medical care every time. I am so happy that I had my surgery by Dr. Huacuz and when I lose the weight I will definitely return to Dr. Huacuz for further procedures. I have recommended him to many of my friends (who have also met him) and they plan on having procedures by Dr. Huacuz in the future. I cannot express how happy I am and how fortunate I feel to have met Dr. Huacuz and his staff.


"The staff of the Huacuz Clinic is the best I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with."

(*) Individual results may vary

I have been trying to have this surgery of the gastric bypass for about 2 years. I went to a physician here in Alaska end the doctor I saw never even knew I was in the room with him; he didn’t treat me as a person. Then I go to the Huacuz Surgical Center and not only am I treated as a person, but as a friend. I was met at the airport by a very nice man and taken to the hotel where wonders of wonders the physician also meets me there. I was very shocked and greatly pleased. Dr. Huacuz came and picked us up at the hotel and took us to the hospital where we were again treated like old friends. The staff of the Huacuz Clinic is the best I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I know someone who had bypass surgery here in Alaska and she is just amazed at the wonderful treatment, maybe even a little jealous that her experience was not as good as mine. I worked in the medical field and I can tell you from experience of working with surgeons and other medical personnel that the Huacuz Center is the best that anyone could be part of.

Rhonda G.

"I would recommend anyone to Dr. Huacuz and his staff. They are the best!"

(*) Individual results may vary

My name Nicole Martin, I had lap-band surgery in May of 2011, which did not work well for me. I decided on July 4, 2013 to have the lap- band removed and gastric sleeve done. Dr. Huacuz and his staff preformed both surgeries. I can’t say enough about how well both experiences were. Dr. Huacuz and Rossy (Patient Liaison) were so caring always checking up on me and my husband to see how I was doing and if we needed anything. I have lost 34lbs. in 10 weeks and cannot be happier. I wish I would have done the gastric sleeve to begin with. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Huacuz and his staff they are the best!

Nicole M.

"Thank you to you (Dr. Huacuz) and your wonderful team for taking such good care of me while I was there"

(*) Individual results may vary

Hi Dr. Huacuz, This is your most troublesome patient, Nicole. I would like to say “thank you” to you, and your wonderful team for taking such good care of me while I was there. Everyone, including the janitor, did their best to make me feel welcome, and assure me that I was in good hands. I know I must have made you nervous when I jumped out of bed immediately upon my return from surgery and started walking around and pulling out my IV, and taking myself off the monitor, but that is a testimony to how skilled you and your team are, that I was able to do that so soon. I can rant and rave about the clinic, which I believe is coming along nicely, but that is not as important to me as the medical care. I must mention though, that I was so comfortable there that I refused to leave my room and go to the 5-star hotel across the street. I can go on and on about the positive experience I’ve had, but I will end here saying “you may use me as reference at any time. Potential pts may call or E-mail me and I would be glad to talk to them. Also you may read my hilarious post in I love you Dr. Huacuz, Rosa, Victoria always smiling, Norma, Jose, Louise, Xochitl, my anesthesiologist, how could I forget your name, you danced around the IV pole for me, two guys who took me to the OR. In the OR, I don’t remember your names but will never forget your faces, and if you wore a mask, I recognize your eyes. I feel like 1’ve won an Oscar and need to thank all these people who got me here- God bless you all

Nicole G.

"Doctor Huacuz was so good!  He answered all my questions, was so patient and caring.  I felt so reassured."

(*) Individual results may vary

My name is Daphne and I’m from Calgary, AB Canada.   Since adulthood I have fought with my weight.  I’d lose and gain again and again.  I was so frustrated.  But the diets I was on I just couldn’t sustain, I couldn’t eat like that long term.   Last summer on 2013 my oldest son got married.  I had a great day and looked the best I could. But, when I looked at the wedding pictures after, I knew something had to change. That’s when I saw a picture of a friend of mine.  She looked fantastic!  She had lost 110 lbs.  When I asked her how she had done it, she told me about Gastric Sleeve surgery.  In fact she had such success that her husband had just had the surgery done in Tijuana with Dr. Daniel Huacuz.  She sang the praises of the clinic staff, the doctor and the process.  I figured I needed to take a look at this myself.   I started communicating with Rosy at the clinic.  She patiently answered every question I had. Gave me all the information I needed and if she wasn’t sure, she would check with the doctor.  I always felt like I was getting a well thought out and informed answer.  She was friendly and helpful every step of the way.  My husband and I went away for a vacation around that time and so we took the time to really talk about whether this was for me or not, we decided that this was a great answer for my weight problems.   So, I contacted Rosy once again and we got the ball rolling.  We scheduled my surgery for Sept. 17, 2013.  I weighed 235 lbs.  10 days prior to the surgery I was on the liquid diet.  I had questions even through that and they were answered promptly.   On September 17 I was picked up in San Diego by a very courteous and helpful driver.  He drove us (my sister joined me) to the clinic.  I filled in the necessary forms and was off to the hospital.  The hospital staffs took blood, hooked me up to an IV, checked my temp, pulse, blood pressure and were very professional.  I was in good hands.  My blood pressure went up due to the stress, so I was given something to bring it down.   Doctor Huacuz was so good!  He answered all my questions, was so patient and caring.  I felt so reassured.  My sister is in the medical field and she asked him a ton of questions regarding my meds, care and procedure and he answered all of them until she had peace of mind.  They took me to surgery and I woke up a few hours later.  Apparently my blood pressure went up, but the doctor kept me in and monitored me closely until I was good to be moved to recovery.  I spent the next two days in the hospital with the doctor and Rosy visiting me a couple of times a day.  I was very cared for.  I was encouraged to walk and the nurses explained all the meds I was getting. On the third day I was moved to a beautiful hotel where the doctor came to see me again.  They were very conscientious of my after care. I was given antibiotics, pain killers and tons of after surgery literature.  Then I was back home to AB.  By the 4th day I was starting to walk more by the end of the week I was doing quite well. I would recommend this process and Dr. Huacuz to anyone.  85 lbs is my goal loss, I have lost 70lbs so far.  I won’t say it’s been a breeze - it’s been a journey.  But, it’s been the easiest weight loss I’ve ever done.  And, I know that because of how I achieved it, it’s for life.   Best of luck to anyone considering this!


"I would recommend my own family and friends to see Dr. Huacuz if need be in the future."

(*) Individual results may vary

Hello My name is Morgan Black and I am a 24 Year old CNA. I received the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico on November 2, 2012 I have currently lost 67 lbs. and am still losing about 10 lbs a month. When I arrived in San Diego there was a kind man waiting there for me holding a sign with my name on it. We then went and got in his vehicle and he took us straight to the hospital to sign in. I went in and got signed in and went straight to my room. Everyone is so nice there and everything was so clean. The floors amazed me, pure white with not a spot on them.... I was so nervous when I got there, that I immediately had to ask where the bathroom was :/, but soon after that I met so many people, who I became well acquainted with, that I quickly calmed down. When I got to my room Dr. Huacuz came in and talked to me while the nurses started my IV. Everything went to quick before I knew it I was in the operating room and back in my room sleeping :) that night I drag my IV pole around everywhere the only pain I had at that point was gas pains and nausea. The next day the Dr. asked me to drink a small amount of liquid so that he could x-ray my stomach to make sure there was no leak. Everything was all done then. We stayed in Mexico one more night after that and then we were on our way home. The hospitality shown to me while I was there was unbelievable. I have never met so many people with great attitudes and willingness to help. I would recommend my own family and friends to see Dr. Huacuz if need be in the future. I have had an awesome experience. I was glad to be home when I arrived so that I could get some rest after a 10 hr flight, but I was back up and working in the yard within 3 days :) ........

Morgan B.

"I don’t feel deprived because now I am able to lead a normal young adult life"

(*) Individual results may vary

On October 17th, 2006 I came to Tijuana from Portland, Oregon to have Dr. Huacuz perform on me a Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy. I was 21 years old and found myself weighting 360 pounds. I couldn’t dress well, I couldn’t participate in many of the activities my friends liked, I couldn’t even climb the stairs at home without getting winded. My surgery went smoothly, the doctor and nurses were very friendly and eager to answer questions, and my stay in Tijuana was as pleasant as it could be considering that I had mayor surgery. Once I was home I started the long process of re-re-learning what I could and could not eat. It wasn’t hard, but I did find that there were a lot of foods that I had to five up (at least at first). It was worth it though! Now, almost a year later I have lost 120 pounds. I have choices when it comes to what clothes I wear and what kind of activities I take part in. I don’t feel deprived because now I am able to lead a normal young adult life and even do things like go for a jog with my sisters. It was the best choice I have ever made.

Miriam O.

"I really feel like I have a chance to improve the quality of my life thanks to the professional care I got from Dr. Huacuz and his team"

(*) Individual results may vary

I was banded by Dr. Huacuz on December 13, 2005. I was very pleased with the treatment I received by everyone involved with Huacuz Surgical Center. The level of concern even early on in the process of deciding whether or not have surgery was unexpected, and unheard of in the United States. I work in the medical field, in a hospital, and I have never seen Doctors return phone calls as quickly as Dr. Huacuz does. The Dr. from Huacuz Surgical Center make their PERSONAL cell phone numbers available to their patients!!!! (And they answer the phone!!) The level of care I received was above and beyond what I expected. The Clinic where the surgery was performed was spotless. The operating room was immaculately clean. The room I stayed in was private, and very nice. Some of the staff is bilingual, so communication was not very difficult. Even with the slight language barrier, the care was amazing!!! After leaving the clinic, I stayed in the Camino Real Resort. The accommodations are very nice. Dr. Huacuz came EVERYDAY to check on me and my grandmother. He went over the post-op diet I needed to follow, and he made sure I understood the necessity of following the “post-op rules”. I appreciated all the time they spent reassuring me. The “special” treatment did not end when I left Tijuana, upon returning home, I experienced severe nausea, at about 9:30 pm, I called Dr. Huacuz on his cell phone, he answered right away, and explained possible reasons for the nausea, and he walked me though steps to help relieve my discomfort. I felt like he was truly concerned for my wellbeing. I was just so amazed, I have seen how Dr.’s respond to being called in the evenings “after hours” and it is not pretty, Dr. Huacuz did not respond like this at all. He was very patient with me, and reassuring. By the time I was off the phone with him, I knew everything was going to be ok. I understand being worried about having surgery in a foreign country, especially when there is a language barrier involved. I was concerned along with all of my family. I can only suggest that you “go for it”, especially if you plan to use Huacuz Surgical Center, I recommend them to anyone who asks me. I want to thank Dr. Huacuz and everyone else affiliated with Huacuz surgical Center for everything. I really feel like I have a chance to improve the quality of my life thanks to the professional care I got from Dr. Huacuz and his team. I want to give Norma and the driver (sorry I can remember your name) a special thank you for taking such good care of my grandmother, she really appreciated you taking her to the restaurant, and the water and snacks you brought for her later on.

Marlo S.

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